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Rafa Gorrotxategi is the third generation of the Gorrotxategi Family. Since her childhood he has lived among ovens and pastry bags.

At 24 years old, he dedicated hiself to working side by side in the workshop with his father José Mari Gorrotxategi, taking various Confectionery and Chocolate courses in Germany, France and nationally.

This new bet by Rafa Gorrotxategi is a leap forward in quality and innovation. He is going to surprise us with new products and innovative pairings that aim to take artisan pastries to haute cuisine levels.

He has been showing us for years that haute chocolate has no mysteries for him, now he will show us that haute confectionery does not either.

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We are a company specialized in high-quality artisan pastries and confectionery. We have a state-of-the-art bakery and the best artisans, with the guarantee of Rafa Gorrotxategi.

Thanks to this we can offer the world of hospitality a wide range of excellent products.

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